History of the polyclinic

  • The annals of the polyclinic of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are pages filled with conscientious work, professional victories and successes of several generations of professionals. The official document that opened the history of the polyclinic was orders of the Ministry of Health of the BSSR No. 6-15/665 of 1968 and the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee No. 67 of 1968. At that time, the polyclinic was located in the main building of the Academy of Sciences and was represented by only three offices. In the late 70s of the twentieth century, the polyclinic moved to a separate building at Petrus Brovki 15A, and was located on three floors.
  • The purpose of the clinic – This is the provision of outpatient medical care to contingents assigned in accordance with the normative documents of the Academy of Sciences, the preservation and strengthening of human health.
  • In accordance with this goal, the objectives of the polyclinic are:
    • organization and implementation of a complex of preventive and therapeutic rehabilitation measures among the attached contingents, improvement of health indicators;
    • interaction with organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
    • interaction in accordance with the established procedure with other healthcare institutions and sanatorium-preventive institutions;
    • ensuring a high level of qualification of doctors and nursing staff;
    • optimization of planning, financial and economic activities.
  • To achieve these goals and fulfill the tasks, the polyclinic carries out:
    • first and emergency medical care;
    • early detection of diseases, qualified and full examination of patients who applied to the polyclinic, timely taking patients on dispensary registration;
    • timely and qualified medical care to the attached contingents;
    • all types of preventive examinations (preliminary, periodic, targeted and others) of persons, those employed in harmful working conditions;
    • examination of the working capacity of patients, issuance and extension of disability certificates and labor recommendations for those in need of transfer to other areas of work, selection for sanatorium treatment;
    • development of measures to reduce morbidity, rehabilitation of patients;
    • strengthening the material and technical base with the provision of modern equipment;
    • introduction of IT technologies for the development of informatization of the polyclinic.
  • The clinic has organized work with citizens' appeals. A lot of work is being done with employees to prevent the facts of inattention to patients, their requests and complaints.
  • The medical staff of the polyclinic actively participates in the organization of medical support for mass public, cultural and sports events.
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